Entourage Yearbooks Introduces Hybrid Online Yearbook Software

Entourage Yearbooks is excited to introduce our exclusive new technology in Internet-based yearbook design software.  The new yearbook software is a hybrid, online program that combines speed, ease of use, and versatile functionality for school yearbook committees. 

This hybrid design software is the newest option from Entourage Yearbooks which offers the best of both worlds; Internet based design and sharing capability with all of the convenience and speed of installed software.  Users benefit from advanced design and layout tools, immediate availability of local images, and the capability to collaborate online with anybody anywhere.

This yearbook design software lets users design their yearbook from scratch, or use templates, backgrounds and clip art for further customization. 

Yearbook designers can use the online functionality of the program to save and store their pages online, giving other users immediate and constant access from anywhere with an Internet connection.  For example, the yearbook advisor can easily keep track of how much progress is being made for each page as they are all saved and updated in the same place. 

Although the Entourage yearbook software is extremely user friendly and easy to use, Entourage offers an entire ‘entourage’ of graphic artists and technical support wizards that guide yearbook committees through the entire process.  Students can call Entourage directly, submit a request for a phone call through the Entourage interactive website or email support wizards for extra help. 

To learn more bout Entourage yearbook software, visit Entourage online at: http://www.entourageyearbooks.com/YearbookSoftware.asp

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