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New SNAP! Books Provide the Perfect Solution

Yearbook PublisherYearbook publisher announces new SNAP! Books into their popular collection of yearbooks.

Yearbook designer has expanded their yearbook collection to now include SNAP! books, an easy, affordable, and stylish option for every occasion. The SNAP! Books are the perfect option for yearbooks, magazines, graduation supplements, and many other types of occasions. Even better, designing and making them is a SNAP!

SNAP! Books are cost effective and they still include the same high quality super gloss color printing on a beautiful glossy sheen, the same as yearbook publisher, Entourage Yearbooks’, other designs. Custom designs pop on the high quality pages in every SNAP! Book.

SNAP! Features include a full soft cover, 8 ½ x 11 full bleed book size, premium color printing, easy to use yearbook design software, and online and phone-based technical support. With SNAP! You can use a pre-designed cover or submit a custom designed cover. Comprehensive yearbook planning materials, including schedules, required activities, and design ideas are also include in your SNAP! Book order.

SNAP! Books are great for all types of occasions, including starter yearbooks for schools making their first yearbooks, prom night and school magazines, annuals for clubs and teams, and showcases for art, literature, and poetry. SNAP! Books are the perfect solution to any occasion.

SNAP! Books are not only high quality, but they are also cost effective. SNAP! Books can be ordered in a range of sizes. With a 100 plus book order, a 48 page SNAP! Book is only $12.95, 36 pages for $11.95, 24 pages for $10.95, and 12 pages for $9.95. With so many options, your organization can personalize a SNAP! Book for any occasion and stay under budget.

If your organization is looking to create a personalized book of their own, contact an Entourage Yearbook representative today at 1-888-YBOOKS1 for your free quote and consultation. Your Entourage representative will give you all the information you need.

Contact your yearbook publisher, Entourage Yearbooks, today and start “remembering everything.”

Design a Great Yearbook with Tips from Entourage

Entourage Yearbooks, one of the all-time leading yearbook companies, explains how yearbook designers can keep their school yearbook fun, fresh and memorable.  With simple design and layout tips, school yearbooks can be an expression of students’ personalities as well as a keepsake of time gone by.

yearbook designEntourage Yearbooks is challenging yearbook designers to think outside the box when it comes to creating this year’s school yearbook.  The top rule to bend or break–color selection.  According to Edward Jo, Production Manager at Entourage, having fun with school colors is one way to express creativity while paying homage to tradition.

“We encourage students to use variations of their schools’ colors for their yearbook.  Using different hues of a school’s color theme allows you to keep the color tradition alive but also inject some of your classes personal creativity,” says Jo.  Designers can play up their school color theme by mixing in varying hues, lighter and darker, throughout the yearbook to give it a more modern, trendy feel. “Also try adding in some brighter colors that compliment the original color theme to really make the yearbook come to life,” adds Jo.

Yearbook Design Tip- Use White Space

Another tip to creating a modern looking yearbook is to take advantage of white space.  Jo advises designers not to be concerned with filling every corner of each page with color, graphics or text.  “White space is very appealing to the eye, it helps define each graphic or text box, and gives a clutter-free look to the page,” explains Jo. When used correctly, white space can add to the yearbook layout by making the overall appearance clean and simple.

Lastly, Entourage Yearbooks reminds designers to maintain balance on each page and throughout the yearbook.  Evenly disperse large text, graphics or photos throughout the page so that one end or side of the page doesn’t look ‘heavy’.    Larger fonts or photos tend to look better towards the top or side of a page.  ‘Bottom heavy’ layouts can be more difficult to balance out.

Award winning yearbook designers know how to effectively design their pages using consistent elements, balance, and an appealing color scheme.

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