Free Yearbook Webinars This Summer

Entourage Yearbooks announced a series of Yearbook planning webinars for school yearbook committees and yearbook advisors.  The informative webinars are happening almost daily throughout July and August and are a great way for students on the yearbook committee to start the year feeling prepared.

The Internet-based webinars feature live demonstrations on a variety of yearbook topics.  Summer webinar topics include organizing yearbooks and staff, picking a yearbook theme, how to use FotoFusion yearbook software, how to use InDesign yearbook software, understanding yearbook design, intermediate design workshops, and basic Photoshop editing.

Yearbook Design Software

FotoFusion is the newest option from Entourage Yearbooks that allows users to work on their project online, from school or home or wherever there is a computer with Internet access.  This software lets users design their yearbook from scratch, or use templates, backgrounds and clip art for further customization.  FotoFusion is a great option for intermediate to advanced computer users to create a stunning yearbook.

InDesign is professional software that lets students experiment with new techniques while learning to design with the same tools professionals use.  For those who may seek a career in graphic design, using InDesign is a great stepping-stone.

Although the yearbook software provided by Entourage Yearbooks is extremely user friendly and easy to use, participating in the Entourage webinars will help students gain greater insight into using and understanding key features these software products offer for designing and planning a yearbook.

View the full schedule of the summer Yearbook webinars

To sign up for a webinar or for more information, please call 1-888-Ybooks1 ext. 86 or email


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