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Yearbook Company Reveals Secrets to Making a Blue Ribbon Yearbook

Creating an award-winning yearbook is always easier when you have an entourage to back you up. How else can you have access to the best design software, binding options, and upgrades to help you create a book that is clean and consistent, with crisp images and graphics? Entourage Yearbooks, a yearbook company that is known for its quality products, explains how to bring your expertise of content, pages, color, covers, and bindings into your yearbook project.

Get Organized

Managing your book online is a great way to organize photos, keep track of deadlines, and stay in touch with your yearbook company. By creating categories for photos, you can involve as many yearbook committee members as you would like. Keep track of your progress by uploading your files to your own personal website. Add and arrange pages on your yearbook ladder. Preview an instant set of digital proofs. The best part is, you can create your yearbook in the design program of your choice: Adobe InDesign, custom yearbook software, and more.

Stumped on Ideas? Get Creative!

Contact your yearbook company to speak with a team of expert graphic designers and creative consultants. They are always up-to-date with the latest trends in yearbooks and are ready to be your resource for layouts, themes, and technical problems.

Design your Cover

Pick a cover style that fits your school. Decide whether  you want a leatherette Classic cover or a customizable Signature cover. Do you prefer foil stamping and embossing, or your own photography and designs? Whatever you choose, know that you can pick a look for your yearbook that is as handsome as an encyclopedia, or as hip as a magazine.

Don’t Forget to Upgrade

If you’re still looking for more, it is a good idea to check out some yearbook upgrades. Think about adding foil stamps, printed end sheets, debossing, dust jackets, and other upgrades to your project. You can get all the traditional yearbook options (and more!)  to help you to design on two scales: traditional and conservative; funky and contemporary. No matter the approach, these upgrades can add to your best yearbook cover yet.

Get an Entourage

Entourage Yearbooks publishes yearbooks of award-winning quality in 50 U.S. States, 19 Countries, and 7 Continents. They are known for their team of talented and cutting-edge consultants.

As Editor of our medical school yearbook, I found the quality of yearbook beyond reproach. Characteristics I have looked for include the printing color and quality, consistency between pages, the clarity and color of printed pages and cover, and the speed and reliability of production.  Entourage has produced the best quality yearbook of all publishers we have had in the last four years!

-Mercer University School of Medicine

For more information on how to create a high-quality yearbook, visit Entourage Yearbooks online .

Yearbook Services

Yearbook Programs

Yearbook Pricing

Entourage Yearbooks Offers Affordable Yearbook Software

Making a yearbook can be a tough commitment for schools on a budget. When it comes to money, the stresses of dealing with the unknown can be reason enough to shy away from a yearbook project.

Entourage Yearbooks understands this burden, and has therefore found a way for schools to breathe a sigh of relief when it comes to starting a yearbook program. Rather than dealing with the burden yourself, why not let our yearbook company help take the weight off?

Become a Yearbook Champion with Yearbook Software

Entourage’s Yearbook Champion Program is a no-risk yearbook program that offers special pricing for schools on a budget. Since it can sometimes be tough to commit to selling a set number of yearbooks, Entourage offers a flat rate for Yearbook Champions. This means that whether you sell one book, 20 Yearbook Softwarebooks, or even 100 books, you can secure a flat rate per book.

This yearbook program allows you to create a quality yearbook without having to run the risk of spending extra money on unused books. In this way, you can focus on meeting your yearbook requirements and deadlines, and leave the financial stresses behind.

For only $200, you can sign up and receive your yearbook software, along with access to your digital yearbook kit, webinars, personal yearbook website, and online sales.

In turn, your online yearbook will be stored for two years. This, along with your Yearbook as a Small Business guide, will allow for additional yearbook sales.

Yearbook as a Small Business

When starting your yearbook program with Entourage, your yearbook kit will include the exclusive Yearbook as a Small Business guide. This guide teaches you how to organize your yearbook staff in order to manage the planning, marketing, and sales of your yearbook. It teaches you how to reach out and keep your students excited about their yearbooks. This can be a big help when looking to raise money for next year’s yearbooks.

Communicate with your Account Manager

Your account manager is always here for you to assist with design and tech support, and any additional help you might need with your yearbook software. Whether it’s a financial concern, a design issue, or a simple unloading, never hesitate to contact your Account Manager for help.

Entourage Yearbooks works with elementary, middle, and high schools to create yearbook programs for schools of all sizes and financial backgrounds.

For more information on affordable yearbook programs and yearbook software, visit Entourage at

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