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Entourage Yearbook and Cameleo Photography Form Partnership

Entourage Yearbooks is proud to announce their partnership with the preeminent school photography company Cameleo Photography.  Why create the yearbook yourself when you can trust Entourage and Cameleo for all yearbook needs.  Entourage is very happy with their partnership with Cameleo because it combines two great companies and will make the yearbook and school photography experience easier and better than before.

Cameleo Photography will eliminate the need to make the yearbook yourself by creating an entourage with Entourage Yearbooks!  Cameleo Photography is making its mark in the Northeast, garnering a lot of praise from customers past and present and have a proven track record of satisfying customers.  Cameleo is a standard bearer in the industry, creating and utilizing modern technology to custom tailor pictures to specific people.  Cameleo uses green screen photography to apply any background the student chooses to his or her portrait.

Nicolas Bergeron, President of Cameleo Photography, said, “Entourage has developed a way to deliver great customer service and produce a top notch quality yearbook. Cameleo has always excelled with customer service and in providing the highest quality yearbook photos.  With both companies concentrating on making yearbooks and photos easy and hassle free, the fit is perfect.”

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“In today’s age, customers want to be supported and reassured that the company they’re doing business with is the one where they will get the best quality for their investment. When you deal with companies like Entourage Yearbooks and Cameleo Photo that are revolutionizing their industry you can be reassured that you’re dealing with the best. ”

Cameleo Photography is joining into a partnership with a noted and established yearbook company.  Why create the yearbook yourself when you can do it with an Entourage?  Entourage Yearbooks is a specialized yearbook company, dedicated to revolutionizing how easy and affordable school yearbooks are made!  Their next generation of yearbook services includes everything you will need to create great high school yearbooks, elementary school yearbooks, military yearbooks, or any yearbook project!

Entourage provides the most comprehensive set of yearbook tools, templates, software, and online services available from any yearbook company.  They offer the highest commitment to customer service, making themselves available to their customers through many different mediums.  Furthermore, they have the fastest production turnarounds in the business and offer prices 20% below the competition.

This great partnership will make the process of creating a comprehensive, creative, and quality yearbook.  No longer will customers have to go to various places to put together their yearbook.  This partnership makes the process simpler and more efficient by putting all of the moving pieces in one place.  For more information on this partnership, please call 888-926-6571 or visit

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